Going to Market — Who’s on your team?

A footballing analogy

The Dream 11

  1. Challenger Sales & Solution Consultant as strike partners. Hunting in packs and selling on value, they aren’t afraid to take risks and challenge a customer’s stated needs to elevate the discussion by recognizing and addressing the wider opportunity and value for the customer.
  2. Digital Marketer & Marcoms to provide assists (qualified leads) by being in the right place at the right time (channel management, SEM, SEO) relentlessly (campaign automation) and generating healthy relationships among press, analysts and community.
  3. Product Marketer & Content Strategist at the creative engine in midfield orchestrating story and strategy. Working with product management they extract value proposition, positioning and benefits based on empathetic research of the buyer journey and bring it to life by crafting a messaging framework, go to market plan and sales guides that orchestrate marketing efforts and sales approaches to serve target personas.
  4. Product Management — Championing the users experience and directing engineering efforts with roadmaps that address current peeves, future needs and technological horizons. They are also vital in ensuring that the commercial team taking the product to market do not over promise, undersell or generally misinterpret product capabilities.
  5. Customer Service & Brand guardian to protect the users’ experience of the product, manage and curate promises, support users and oftentimes clean up the messes the rest of team may have made. While a beta release, product launch or upgrade can put the Customer service team on beast mode, brand guardians have to keep the team on brand and support marcoms support reputational crises on social media or elsewhere.
  6. Account Management — Because if a relationship isn’t growing, it wont be long before it ends. When new features, releases or products are launched, account managers will need to personalize the approach to paying customers, minimize disruptions and protect the buyer and user experience together often with customer service and the wider team to ensure that we not only retain but grow the business and relationship.
  7. Finance & legal — Whether its signing off on procurement, channel spend, GDPR and compliance and QHSE, we’ll need someone having our back in terms of keeping our financial goals and legal bases covered.

Captaining & bench strength

Get your game face on




Marketer, Techie, Storyteller

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Anoop Gangadharan

Anoop Gangadharan

Marketer, Techie, Storyteller

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