Utility 4.0 — Activating the Internet of Energy

As decarbonization, deentralization and digitalization continue to affect the energy industry, DSO’s are taking on new roles and greater challenges in ensuring a reliable, resilient grid. In the IoT era of OT/IT convergence , where are you in your journey to transformation ?

Accelerated by a pandemic

Drivers of transformation

Consumers are seeking appliance level insights on their smart devices

Under pressure from fluctuating prices, stiff budgets, stringent regulations and an aging workforce, Energy and utility players are looking to meet consumer expectations while balancing grid resilience and sustainable development goals. empowerment through actionable insights. Thus in addition to ensuring reliable power flow and quality, integrating EV charging and renewables, improving asset and grid health, the modern grid operator is taking on a new role — that of an information hub. Distribution System Operators (DSO) or Distribution Network Operators (DNO) are expected to collect and provide the right data to the right grid participants in a secure and timely manner.

From smart to active — the internet of energy

Utility 4.0 — A journey to autonomy

Digitizing for digitalization paves the way for transformation

Yet, even as operational technologies (OT) and information technologies (IT) are converging in the internet of things (IoT) era, most organizations are only starting out or in early stages of their digitization journey.

Not just a technological journey

Mind shift

Gearing up for a greater grid

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